Add THIS to your workout routine to GET FKD in the Gym

Add THIS to your workout routine to GET FKD in the Gym

GET FKD pre-workout blend from ZIMfitness is one of the strongest and best balanced pre-workouts available on the market. Made in the USA, ZIMfitness's main mission is to put out products that are better and different than the competition.

What are the ingredients in the best pre-workout?

The ingredients in GET FKD pre-workout are pure, clinically-dosed ingredients. The premium pre-workout formula is the result of years worth of research and study in pursuit of honest ingredients that produce real results. 

A quick snapshot of GET FKD pre-workout’s ingredients include:

  • 2.5g betaine anhydrous
  • 6g citrulline malate 2:1
  • 4g beta alanine
  • 300 mg of AlphasizeⓇ Alpha-GPC

ZIMfitness’s pre-workout packs a punch with over 18.5 grams of ingredients per serving including nootropic ingredients like taurine, L-Theanine,  L-Tyrosine, Vitamin B3 Niacin, Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin), Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCI), Alpha - GPC, Huperzine A, and more. According to, a nootropic is defined as “a substance capable of enhancing brain or mental function. Nootropics can help you boost memory, learning and overall brain function.” The GET FKD premium formula offers a uniquely balanced yet clinically dosed pre-workout for the serious-gym goer.

GET FKD: Go Harder for Longer in the Gym and make the Gains you Want 🔥💪

GET FKD pre-workout is an effective and pure pre-workout designed to transform your gym experience and cause an intense boost in:

  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Strength

Because of the pure and straightforward approach to the GET FKD pre-workout formula, you can avoid unsavory side effects like that many pre-workout formulas on the market right now cause. Experience pre-workout with NO jitters, NO crash, and NO more wasted workouts.

GET FKD and Enjoy It

We know flavoring is hugely important in a pre-workout dietary supplement. Our flavor CHERRY ICE is smooth, tastes good, and is so refreshing you could drink it over and over again.

With GET FKD, you can experience improved focus and physical and mental intensity within no time! Feel a boost of energy and strength with NO Crash like other pre-workouts. GET FKD in the GYM with GET FKD pre-workout today:

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