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We are looking for motivated individuals to join our team! Earn free supplements, get paid, and become a part of our growing ZIM FIT community.


- Must be 18+

- Must be active on social media.

- Must be wiling to post frequently

- Must engage (comment / Like) with our page and all of our posts.

What to Expect

To apply for our exclusive affiliate program at ZIM FIT, please submit an application. We pride ourselves on a selective process, ensuring our team is comprised of individuals who not only DOMINATE in their fitness realms but also resonate with our brand ethos.

As a ZIM FIT affiliate, you'll champion our mission to assist others in smashing their fitness objectives. You'll spread the word about our premium products and in doing so, guide customers to make choices that propel their fitness journey forward.

We've streamlined our affiliate program for simplicity and efficiency. Select your unique discount code and link, and when used at checkout, it provides a benefit to both the customer and you—as they save on their purchase, and you accumulate commission. Commissions are promptly disbursed as either PayPal payments or store credit each month.

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