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This is by far the best prework out I had in a long time

Plastic Shaker Bottle
Heather Mertz
Shake it like a salt shaker :-D

LOVE this lightweight shaker bottle!


The color, exquisite, the fit is perfect, and the quality is spectacular!!!!

jonathan ewing
Pre workout

This is by far the best pre workout I have taken , I’m still full of energy and focus and I have no crash , I been taking preworkout for many years now and I can honestly say this should be preworkout of the year and be sitting with the other top preworkouts

Extended energy/great pump

Recommended to me by GNC in Washington, PA (the only place I buy supplements because of how great their employees are) Yeah, this tastes amazing, but the results are even better. Long lasting, clean energy. Amazing pump. No crash. New go-to for pre workout!


Probably some of the best tasting pre I’ve had! No jitters and definitely gets the job done as a pick me up before the gym! Overall great product!

Cherry Ice Pre Workout

Great taste, great focus during the workout, insane pump with it. Will be buying again.


After years of trying a different pre-workout every time it was time to buy more, I have finally
found my go to pre, GET FKD. Not only is the taste out of this world, but the energy and pump is just simply better than anything else. 100% recommend if you want high, long-lasting energy and an insane pump.

I got FKD

this product here fkd me big time I was in the gym for 3 hours. 10/10 best pre ive ever taken, will be buying again & the cherry ice flavor sheeeeesh


This is the best tasting pre workout I’ve ever had, great pump formula in it as well as a great focus in the nootropic. Can’t go wrong with this pre workout over most other competitors such as bucked up and beyond raw

Another ONE!!!

This is an insanely great product. The title speaks for itself. This product give you the energy and focus to go 1 more set, 1 more mile, 1 more spartan race, just 1 more of anything you are tackling in your life. Highly recommend for anyone with active or hectic lifestyles that needs extra energy and focus throughout their day/week. Did I mention the taste is the more accurate and realistic out there, it’s literally like eating a cherry freeze pop.

GET F’Kd! Stay F’KD!


GetFKD is by far the best pre-workout I have ever used. No crash, no jitters, no problems, just an insane workout, and to top it off the taste is absolutely amazing!!!! I highly recommend GetFKD!!!!

Tough pump cover

Thing is heavy duty. Sick quality.

Best quality pump cover out there!!

One of my favorite things to where to the gym is a hoodie. This hoodie is one of the most comfortable and warm hoodies I’ve worn. This hoodie is the best pump cover I’ve worn. If you like to sweat and get really hot during your workout like I do, I recommend this hoodie 100%. It’s also a great hoodie for everyday use too! Nothing but quality products from ZimFit!

It’s a need!

The GET FKD hoodie is perfect!!! Put that on a cracka duuudddeeee

Snapback Hat
Heather Mertz

This hat is amazing! Breathable is an understatement! Not only is it an eye catcher… it fits perfect while getting your FK on! Zim doesn’t miss a beat on any design/quality . 10/10


Super sleek durable shaker! Excellent shaker bottle that never leaks! Perfect shaker to get FKD! Excellent design, we need more colors :-D

So awesome!

Love Carhartt hoodies to begin with, and now able to rep a good friends name while wearing it, even better! So comfortable! Love the color choices and sizing options! Nothing but the best from Zim!


great quality hoodie! Super comfortable and from an amazing company! Can’t wait till fall so I can start wearing it!

Premium Soft Tee
Heather Mertz

I have every color and craving more!!! LFG!!!! Super soft and not to mention fitting like a fucking glove! Can’t stop won’t stop get it zim!!!!

Perfect sticker for my Kayak !

No better way to get FKD on the water than having you on my kayak ! Thanks for staying on even when it’s wet :-D

Well twist my titty!

This is one of the most comfortable hoodies I have ever purchased! Zim never fails to excute getting FKD never felt so good! Thanks for the bomb ass hoodie ! more colors please!

Great hoodie

This hoodie is great very comfortable great fit

Fire city !

The new Cherry Ice is absolutely amazing!!! Great pump! Great taste! My new “go to “ pre work! Price is right! Excellent work! I love getting FKD by you Zim!


Best tasting pre-workout. Amazing formula. Gets the job done.