Pittsburgh Based Made in USA Pre-Workout “Get FKD” Gets Results: No Jitters, No Crash

Pittsburgh Based Made in USA Pre-Workout “Get FKD” Gets Results: No Jitters, No Crash

Pre-workout supplement use is on the rise, but many pre-workout supplements on the market today can cause negative side effects, such as jitters, crash, or upset stomach. That's why Pittsburgh based pre-workout GET FKD is getting rave reviews for its long lasting energy and jitter-free focused results, making it a great choice for those looking for a high-performance supplement that won't leave them feeling drained or uncomfortable.

The maker of GET FKD is on a mission to change the way people think about workout supplements. The ingredient list for GET FKD is packed with clinically dosed ingredients like beta-alanine, citrulline malate, creatine monohydrate, and betaine anhydrous. Each ingredient has been proven to provide benefits without the fillers or weakened formulas you see in our competitor's products. In addition to providing energy boost during workouts, GET FKD also enhances muscle growth and recovery post workout...which means you can train harder again tomorrow!

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No Jitters, No Crash Supplement

GET FKD pre-workout is formulated with a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that are designed to increase energy, endurance, and strength without causing any negative side effects. One of the key ingredients in GET FKD pre-workout is caffeine, a stimulant that can help improve mental focus and increase energy levels. However, GET FKD pre-workout is carefully formulated with just the right amount of caffeine to provide a boost without causing jitters or a crash. GET FKD pre-workout contains a 1:1 ratio of L-theanine to caffeine as an advanced nootropics blend. This can help you avoid feeling drained or fatigued after you finish your workout.

Another benefit of GET FKD pre-workout is that it provides long-burning energy. Many pre-workout supplements provide a quick burst of energy that can quickly dissipate. GET FKD pre-workout is designed to provide sustained energy that can help you power through even the most intense workouts. If you're looking for a high quality pre-workout product, it might be time to GET FKD.😉💪

Clinically Dosed, Pure Ingredients

Get FKD formula includes clinically dosed ingredients such as citrulline malate and beta alanine to improve endurance during workouts. These two amino acids help support muscle endurance and recovery, leading to greater gains in muscle mass over time. With 6g of Citrulline Malate, 4g Beta Alanine, 2.5g of Betaine Anhydrous and more in every serving, you can be sure to get the pump and endurance boost needed to power through your WODs or workout. The nootropic L-theanine also helps reduce stress before working out by supporting brain health and promoting better sleep quality at night.

Other benefits of Get FKD include its lack of artificial sweeteners like sucralose (Splenda), which can cause gastrointestinal issues when taken repeatedly over long periods of time; instead it contains stevia leaf extract as its only sweetener option so that you don't experience any adverse reactions from drinking this pre workout powder mix!

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