The Top 5 Pre-Workout Ingredients You Need To Know About

The Top 5 Pre-Workout Ingredients You Need To Know About

The popularity of pre-workout supplements among fitness enthusiasts is far from a secret. From fueling high-intensity workouts to enhancing focus and muscle pumps, these supplements provide a multitude of benefits. Choosing the right fit among a sea of options can be tricky. This guide focuses on five key pre-workout ingredients you should be looking for to power your workouts.

Caffeine for Focus and Energy

A staple in many pre-workouts, caffeine, helps boost short-term energy and focus, making it an essential element in your workout regimen. Not only does it fire up your metabolism to burn more calories during workouts, but studies also suggest that caffeine boosts muscle activation, leading to impressive muscle pumps.

Keep in mind that sensitive individuals may experience side effects like increased anxiety, nausea, and shakiness. Thus, moderation is key. Recommended caffeine dosage shouldn't exceed 400 mg per serving.

L-Citrulline for Muscle Pumps

Next in line is L-Citrulline or Citrulline Malate, a favored pre-workout ingredient. This amino acid, found in citrus fruits like watermelon and grapefruit, transforms into L-Arginine in the body. The latter enhances nitric oxide production, ensuring better blood flow and improved muscle pumps.

L-Citrulline's additional benefits include reduced fatigue and improved exercise endurance, making it a must-have in your pre-workout stack. The recommended dosage for effective results ranges between 6-10 grams per serving.

Beta-Alanine for Muscle Endurance

Beta-Alanine is another crucial ingredient for pre-workout supplements. It boosts carnosine production in the body and buffers acidity in the muscle, contributing to enhanced muscle endurance. While some might experience temporary tingling due to carnosine buildup (paresthesia), this symptom usually subsides quickly.

For optimal benefits, aim for a beta-alanine dosage of 2.5 - 4 grams per serving.

L-Tyrosine for Mental Energy

L-Tyrosine, an amino acid involved in producing dopamine and norepinephrine, helps boost mental energy, focus, and mood. Incorporating L-Tyrosine before exercising can reduce fatigue and enhance performance, as per a study conducted at the University of Calgary.

The recommended effective dosage for this ingredient ranges from 500 - 1500 mg per serving.

Betaine Anhydrous for Strength and Recovery

Derived from beets, Betaine Anhydrous, often used in pre-workouts, enhances strength, improves endurance, and promotes faster muscle recovery. Along with performance improvement and fatigue reduction, betaine can also alleviate joint stiffness and soreness during workouts.

Aim for a betaine anhydrous dosage of 1.5 - 3 grams per serving.


Harness the power of these pre-workout ingredients to enhance your workouts and maintain high energy levels throughout the day. If you're looking for pre-workout blends that optimize these ingredients, check out our two popular pre-workout blends, GET FKD® and GET PMPD™. Experience the difference for yourself with these exceptional products from ZIM FIT.

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