ZIM FIT Announces NEW Flavor Pre-Workout: Electric Blackberry Lime

ZIM FIT Announces NEW Flavor Pre-Workout: Electric Blackberry Lime

ZIM FIT has just announced the release of a new flavor for its popular pre-workout supplement, GET FKD. The Electric Blackberry Lime flavor is now available alongside the classic Cherry Ice option. This is the latest evolution for Pittsburgh-based fitness product company ZIM FIT, which is dedicated to developing best-in-class dietary supplements that maximize physical performance and results.


GET FKD Pre-Workout Formula


GET FKD is known for its comprehensive formula that is designed to improve focus, performance, and energy. This formula includes several clinically dosed ingredients that are believed to help you GET FKD in every workout, every time, including:


  • 6g Citrulline Malate
  • 4g Beta Alanine
  • 2.5 g Betaine Anhydrous
  • 1500 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 1500 mg L-Taurine


Not only does the formula make GET FKD a standout product, but the addition of the brand new  Electric Blackberry Lime flavor helps it stand out in the crowded pre-workout supplement market. The new flavor is a refreshing and tasty option for those who want to try something different that you can ACTUALLY enjoy.


If you’re looking for a new supplement to support your goals in the gym, then get excited to GET FKD with the new Electric Blackberry Lime flavor pre-workout supplement by ZIM FIT. Experience energy, focus, and strength like never before and GET FKD for yourself today: https://zimfitusa.com/products/get-fkd-pre-workout

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